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Welcome to my bio page honey! These are just a few things that you may be
interested in knowing about me, what really "pushes" my buttons, good and bad, and
the kind of man I'm attracted to. So, grab your favorite beverage,
settle back in your chair and read on...

WHAT I FIND ATTRACTIVE OR SEXY IN A MAN: Quiet confidence, coupled with kindness and a sense of humor is attractive to me whether the man is 60 or 36. A sexy man also knows that it takes a little while for a woman to reach her boiling point and doesn't mind taking his time to help her go from one level to the next until they are both ready to cum together. I'm not saying a woman shouldn't take responsibility for her own orgasms but all too often men have that "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" mentality and then wonder why their lady doesn't enjoy having sex with them!

HOBBIES: For the last 8 years, my main interest has been in the martial arts of Wing Chun and Jiu-jitsu. I really believe that working out with my class has kept me young in body, mind and spirit. I got into the arts to gain some control in my life. All too often, life just happens to you. You get married, the children come along, you're paying up your ass for the mortgage, braces and Wie game consoles; you get old, then die. Can you say "mid-life crisis"! lol But seriously, training with my class has empowered me. I'm aware that I may not win in a street fight, but I know I would try my damnedest to defend myself and loved ones. I'm the oldest one in class but who cares? Age is an's when we stop "growing" that we age. Besides, it's fun rolling around on the ground with the other young studs in class. <wink>

SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Males....BUT, I do enjoy enjoy licking pussy every once in a while....mmmmm. It's all about connecting to feminine energy, almost like feeling what my husband feels when he makes love to me. It's about caressing soft, smooth skin and running my fingers through long hair, feeling the curves through the small of a woman's back and down to her ass and thighs. It's about exploring new but familiar territory and wanting to give pleasure because I know what feels good to me!

FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION: Well, I guess my very favorite position is seated on the padded bench at the foot of our waterbed with my stocking covered legs spread wide on either side of Lucky. He stands on the floor, facing me and can pull my ass toward him as he thrusts deep inside me. Because I'm seated, the pressure from below makes my pussy even tighter and we generate some incredible heat that way! <wink> As an added bonus, there is a full mirror right behind Lucky and I get to watch his cute little ass do it's "thang".

ULTIMATE FANTASY: Hmmm, my ultimate fantasy....ok, now this one's easy! Like most women, my number ONE fantasy would be to have three guys at once! One to do the washing, One to do the cooking and One to do the cleaning. lol What's preventing my fantasy from becoming reality? Intelligent guys!

MY IDEAL GUY: He would pursue his creativity in cooking and sex, not mind helping with chores, enjoy talking about his day and would really listen to me when I speak to him. He would have a good sense of humor and be lighthearted even when we don't see things eye to eye. His confidence would make him secure in our relationship and he would allow me to pursue my own interests. He would also be a good father and...hmmm...that sounds just like my hubby!

WHY WE STARTED THIS SITE: About twelve years ago, I reluctantly agreed to let Lucky submit photos of me to a free site that featured wives and girlfriends. I was 47 years old at the time and could not believe all the positive comments that I was receiving. I started blossoming in my newfound sexuality and with the creation of our web site have experienced things I never dreamed I would be doing! I went through several phases and eventually realized that I have a major fetish for pantyhose, stockings and high heels and that's what really gets me off now.

LET'S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BABE: Well, that's probably more about me than even my husband knows, so let's just keep these things between us ok? Unfortunately, there's lots more that I can't share with you here, but once you get into my members area, you'll realize just how hot a mature, stocking and pantyhose MILF can be! I'll see you inside baby.
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